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The Best Video Doorbell Reviews of 2017

Posted by on Oct 10, 2017 in Design |

wireless video doorbell


best video doorbells


Looking for the right best camera doorbell for home use? You’ve come to the right place to find one that is fitting to be installed in your home.


Ring Video Doorbell 2

This is the 2nd generation video doorbell under the Ring brand, wherein its features are improved from its original in a lot of ways. One is how its video resolution has been increased from 720p to 1080p, and this new Ring comes with better capabilities in capturing night vision. It comes with two-way audio and motion detection and is even available in bronze-black or silver finish.

Doorbell 2 can be operated on battery, and it is removable, too, so there is no need for you to disconnect the whole assembly to recharge it. If you want to add battery packs, it will cost you $20 each.

The Ring brand charges $3 per month or at $30 annually per camera to store the video worth 60 days. If you go for their $100 yearly plan, you can store video for as many video cameras you can acquire from.

The 2nd generation works with different smart locks, which includes Lockitron, Kisi, and LockState. It also has the smart hubs like Wink and SmartThings. This means that you get to have the light on the front porch turned on automatically all the while it detects motion. However, the Ring can’t integrate with Google Home or Alexa, which is something that other video doorbell brands can do.

An added product worth $49 is the Ring Chime Pro wherein it connects the app with the doorbell. This is a small plug-in device emitting sounds each time you receive a notification from the app. It is very easy to set up and can even be adjusted through this app, so you will not be receiving any notifications while you are sleeping.

wireless doorbell reviews

August Doorbell Cam

The best feature of this brand is the best Smart-Lock integration feature. August Home started out with the smart lock, yet over the years they’ve expanded their offers wherein they include a doorbell camera and a wireless keypad. All of these work together with its own unique operations. Since August manufactures both the smart lock and the video doorbell camera, no wonder the integration is very seamless. There is no need for that extra mobile apps or smart-home hubs.

This camera by August can easily integrate with the wires of your old doorbells, but with the square shape, this got it can make placement difficult. While the product does not have any infrared night vision, the camera works cool even when the light presence is low.

If you want the video recorded with the August Doorbell Cam, you need to subscribe to the company’s subscription service with video-recording. Their fee starts at $4.99 per month each camera. That is $2 way more expensive than the service offerings from Ring’s.

The lock and camera of August Home are also compatible with the different smart home systems, works with Google Home, Alexa, and HomeKit by Apple.



HR Consulting – What They Can Do For You

Posted by on Sep 19, 2017 in Development |

HR consulting calgary

calgary human resource consultant became prominent out of management consulting. hr consultant calgary assist clients with incorporating human resource processes, programs, and practices into their daily operations. They help to maximize performance by introducing “best practices” and providing regular feedback. At Salopek Consulting  we are calgary human resource consultant we practice the best strategies that work for companies and its employees.

human resource consulting calgary

To accomplish this, Human Resource Consultants at Salopek Consulting conduct assessments and audits, make recommendations, and coordinate the implementation of a corrective plan to the client. They can also provide legal counseling, as well as facilitate human capital management. They mainly focus on:

  • Human Capital – employee incentive programs and talent acquisition
  • Health and Benefits – employee health plans
  • Communication – surveying employee satisfaction and engagement


calgary human resource consultant

With many companies experiencing fast growth, human resource consulting can be a useful tool. The decision to utilize their services may vary, but there are benefits to bringing a consulting firm on board. Performance management for current employees is important, so that they understand what is expected of them and have the opportunities to excel.

Outsourcing services include basic payroll to benefits administration. Companies can eliminate penalties associated with errors, since a human resource consulting firm will be handling them. As companies grow, setting up employee benefits can be time consuming and challenging. Human Resource Consulting can help ease this burden by handling initial set up, contacting insurance and benefit providers, and provide an easy look at various employee packages.

Human Resource Consultants can also assist with implementing rewards programs for employees and the process for acquiring new talent. These days, companies also hire human resource consulting firms to assess employee satisfaction, behaviors, and determine strategies for employee retention.

Retaining employees is one of the most challenging responsibilities for a company. A consulting firm can conduct focus groups and interviews to identify reasons for staying or leaving the company. They can also provide support with improving a company’s ability to bring in the best talent. Your one stop solution is Salopek Consulting who are the expert HR consulting team of professionals waiting to scale your business to the next leve

Flowers and Online Business

Posted by on Dec 12, 2015 in online flower business |

Online flower Business








With the progressing world, tremendous ideas of recycling and creativity are approaching to the mind. Along with these unique ideas, flower making ideas hold its exceptional position. Flower making ideas are appreciated and imitated worldwide. Flowers can be made from paper of different sorts, ribbons, and a variety of clothes. Usually, these flowers are made to wrap the gifts to make them look special and costly. Apart from making for wrapping purpose, they are also designed to use on clothes or handbags or hair pins.

Ideas for making unique flowers:

Flowers various styles and colours led them to appear unique over a simple dress or a handbag or on a hairpin. Flowers can be made from any piece of cloth ranging from cotton to wool and crab paper to hard charts. Nowadays, the hell lot of online websites are offering several unique ideas for flower making. Depending upon your choice of making flowers you can surf that peculiar website that can give you instructions related to your area of interest. Prefer to choose the material that is useless to you and try to create something excitingly new from that trash. This shows your artistic skills and command over your domain of creativity.

Over decades,wedding  flowers are used to create an essence of beauty and to decorate every corner that seems useless and ordinary. One the most popular examples is of brown paper bags. Brown paper bags seems to have no purpose other than storage of your goods for a time being, but by using aesthetic sense we can create beauty out of a stone. By painting brown bags in various colors and by cutting it into various petal sizes we will be enabled to decorate our wall or a corner of our room. Flowers made of brown paper bags looks incredibly wonderful, and no one will believe that you made them on your own. Cutting brown papers is extremely easy. What you have to do is to cut them into accurate sizes and shapes and colour them where needed.

Nothing can stop you to create beauty and to utilize useless materials thrown in your stores except your will. One should be creative enough to visualize beauty across the dust and to polish the rough stones to make them usable. Flower making ideas varies from its style to size and their usage. Small flowers to use need less time, and less expenditure while large-scale flower production needs more time and more money.

How to get listed on Google Maps?

Posted by on Nov 26, 2015 in seo |



Written by MRC SEO Consulting 

Google Maps are a list of My Business Dashboard of Google which is helpful in managing as

well as the track of the online presence through different platforms of Google. It includes all the

Google local maps, Google+, Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Google Maps are an

incredible way to get success, name and reputation for your website as well as business. If you

are willing to get listed on Google Maps, you are permitted to register the type of your business

in respective town or city along with the physical address of your business. If you are a big

known name, there might be a possible chance that you already exist on Google Maps because

you have a huge name. All you have to do is to claim it. But if you are not on Google Maps and

are willing to add your business on it, you can do it effortlessly. New businesses and locations

are added everyday and it can help your business in many ways. So if you want to get listed on

Google Maps, you need to follow a series of procedures:

1. Firstly, you need to go write My Business on Google search engine. This will eventually

provide you an option to get on Google maps. You just have to click on “Get on Google”.

2. Then you have to enter the name of your business along with the address in the search


3. Next, you have to select the option or add your business on the Map.

4. You can get the business listing and select the preferred match out of the suggested

matches that are provided to you. If you do not get suggestions, you can simply add your

business and provide the required information that is asked.

5. Near the end of the given form, you will be asked to select your preferred category that

descries your business in the best way. This is important because it is the way by which

Google classifies your business type. You can select the required category and you can

also add categories later to this list.

6. The next procedure is the verification process where Google verifies the location of your

business that is completed through a pin code that is delivered to you through postal card,

text message or automatic phone call.

7. Now you can confirm your business and this procedure will end up adding you to the list

of businesses that can be tracked or searched easily on Google Maps.

search engine optimization ( SEO ) is something most businesses don’t understand and need to work on . Let us help We have helped small business get listed like for example a Local calgary Condo real estate agent 

Web Design Services Offered in Chicago

Posted by on Apr 9, 2015 in Design |

When you need the best web design services in Chicago, you need to choose Web312 since they offer the best services on the market. Whenever you acquire these services, you will be sure that you have acquired the best web design company. Here are the benefits of choosing Web312 for your

  • When you choose them, you will always be sure that the company will provide you with the best web design services that you need.
  • When you do hire these services, they will often ensure that they will provide you with the best services in within the whole of the market.
  • Since they started offering these services, they have been among the best companies offering these services.

When you do web design services in Calgary  you will save huge amounts of money that makes it one of the best options you can ever have whenever you want affordable web design services. They have ensured that they provide these web design services affordably as one way of attracting many companies that need these services. In the end, you will get the services you need.


Web312 also has a wide range of web design services in Chicago that you can choose depending on the specifics of your company or business. Whenever you do choose them, they will often ensure that they do provide you with the services that you need when acquiring these amazing services. In addition, they have increase the number of people who need the services when looking for that high quality within the whole of market.

They also have experts who knows the business needs when trying to have the best from the market. When you do select these web design services in Chicago, the company that you choose will analyze your need before making that perfect choice from the whole of the market when looking for the quality you would need from the whole of the market. In addition, they have earned a high reputation from these services they do provide for the services.

In conclusion, the information should help you understand the benefits of choosing Chicago web design in the city especially when you need high quality services.

Web Design for a Fitness Page

Posted by on Mar 11, 2015 in Design, Development, Programming |


Everybody knows that if nobody hears about your business, there is no way for it to grow. Advertisement is important for a page regarding banking just as much as it is to the one dealing with furniture. People need to know you are out there, they need to know that they can trust you and what to expect from you, and that is why you need to have a web page.

When creating the web site for these personal training folks, there are a number of things that we considered in order to make it attractive and better suited to represent their business. First we need to understand what it is they do. They are connecting various people looking for a fitness advices with the best teachers and trainers in their area. Their service is localized, so there is where you can find trainers in Whitby area and if you are from Oshawa then is for you. This means that every segment of that page must be personalized for this area and search optimization must be done in order to highlight each of these locations.

mwf-webPages are also very personal, as they communicate with the user on a personal level, showing him or her the information about other professionals, trainers and instructors that they might like. There is a description for each one of them so clients can study them and decide which one is the best for them. The page will explain some basics of the exercises you have as an option for your future exercise endeavors, all in order to make it a better and easier experience for you.

You might notice that the homepage for this site is fairly simple page. There is not a lot to it, and that is done for a reason. A lot of people don’t understand it at first, but less is more in web design. You don’t want a lot of banners showing off your Photoshop skills or a lot of buttons showing me you know how to build a complex page, there is simply no need for it. This page is simple and easy to navigate. Once the user is there it is clear what the page is about. Content is spread so it’s easy to read. Pictures indicate exercise and physical activity. Highlighted headings are telling us what the text is about, and just from a 2 second glance, we have a pretty good idea what we’re looking at. And you will want that on your page.

If a user spends more than 5-10 seconds on the page and can’t tell for sure what it’s about, experience says, he will leave it and find another one where it’s easier to find stuff. That’s why simple and easy navigation and design is needed and that’s why the little things like that make a world of difference.