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Posted by on Mar 11, 2015 in Design, Development, Programming |

Web Design for a Fitness Page


Everybody knows that if nobody hears about your business, there is no way for it to grow. Advertisement is important for a page regarding banking just as much as it is to the one dealing with furniture. People need to know you are out there, they need to know that they can trust you and what to expect from you, and that is why you need to have a web page.

When creating the web site for these personal training folks, there are a number of things that we considered in order to make it attractive and better suited to represent their business. First we need to understand what it is they do. They are connecting various people looking for a fitness advices with the best teachers and trainers in their area. Their service is localized, so there is where you can find trainers in Whitby area and if you are from Oshawa then is for you. This means that every segment of that page must be personalized for this area and search optimization must be done in order to highlight each of these locations.

mwf-webPages are also very personal, as they communicate with the user on a personal level, showing him or her the information about other professionals, trainers and instructors that they might like. There is a description for each one of them so clients can study them and decide which one is the best for them. The page will explain some basics of the exercises you have as an option for your future exercise endeavors, all in order to make it a better and easier experience for you.

You might notice that the homepage for this site is fairly simple page. There is not a lot to it, and that is done for a reason. A lot of people don’t understand it at first, but less is more in web design. You don’t want a lot of banners showing off your Photoshop skills or a lot of buttons showing me you know how to build a complex page, there is simply no need for it. This page is simple and easy to navigate. Once the user is there it is clear what the page is about. Content is spread so it’s easy to read. Pictures indicate exercise and physical activity. Highlighted headings are telling us what the text is about, and just from a 2 second glance, we have a pretty good idea what we’re looking at. And you will want that on your page.

If a user spends more than 5-10 seconds on the page and can’t tell for sure what it’s about, experience says, he will leave it and find another one where it’s easier to find stuff. That’s why simple and easy navigation and design is needed and that’s why the little things like that make a world of difference.

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Posted by on Mar 7, 2015 in Design, Development, Programming |

Importance of Web Design in Small Business


Today’s world is a busy one in every way, and it rings especially true if you are looking at things from a business perspective. With the internet and other modern technologies, business is growing faster than ever. One of the factors that is crucial for almost every small and medium business is of course web design. I know, because I am a web designer from Whitby and I helped countless people get their enterprise out there on the web and make it visible and profitable. You can find out the kind of things we are doing by checking out our Services page at

Our web design company from Whitby will help you get your business out there on the online marketplace and create a professional web page to represent it. A good looking, well functioning web site is a key to a start of a good business, as you need to have some place of reference for your clients on the web. Depending on the type of your business, the page can be integrated as a part of your business as well, so it can serve as a more than a simple internet reference and contact site.

Search-Engine-Optimization-iconSEOsearch engine optimization is your friend. No matter how pretty and good your web site is, no one will ever see it if it’s not set up right. Search engine optimization helps here, enabling your web page to be a top result for when people search for it. It is estimated that the pages in the top five places on search engines like Google make one hundred more hits than the ones on the sixth place, so you do the math on how important it is to be up there on the top. We will help get your site there and make sure it’s visible to everyone looking for the information in your area of expertise.

Conversion optimization – once you get your potential customers there, what next? You don’t want them to leave, you need to make them use your site, buy in your shop or whatever it is you want them to do there. And that is a difference between an optimized site and one that will bring you no profit. It’s called online marketing optimization because it affects what percentage of your visitors will actually use the web page for what it’s intended for. If the conversion rate is low, that means trouble, even if you have a huge visit score, and Magnet Labs Design is specialized to help with this.

Custom – with us, there is no cookie cutter solution, so if you choose to trust your business to us, there will be no one like you out there on the web. Custom HTML web pages will ensure a quick and fully functional, professional site that will be unique and yours only. Design experts will ensure that the style goes well with your business and your existing design theme.

So visit us

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Posted by on Mar 5, 2015 in Design, Development, Programming |

Web Design 101



Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be a web designer? Web design has became one of the most wanted job descriptions now days, and with the Internet integrating with every aspect of our lives, it’s non a thing to wander at. Web design is a complex set of skills, that, when disintegrated stop looking that scary and can become a pretty good and easy career choice. So, are you ready to join in on it? First you will need to know what web design is and what are the options for you.

Front end development – this section of the web design business is perfect for beginners and people new to programming and web development. In this branch you will be creating the very skeleton of the web site, make it from scratch, get the content, customize it and create the pages as you want them. Front end stands for the fact that all your business will be visible to the end user. The user will be looking at the page you put together, style you chose and functions you enabled. Technologies to know when working in front end are: >>HTML<<(w3c,npr.) – language that makes the very core of your page, as here you will introduce elements and content, making the first markup of the end result; CSS – will make your HTML shine, look better and let you manipulate things like colors, shapes and style; JavaScript – a little bit into coding, JS will enable you to give your page some extra abilities, make rolling pictures or allow dynamic content.

Flat design of business branding and development web pageBack end development – regarding the part of the job done behind the scene, code ninjas in this department need to be skillful already to begin with. It’s not that front enders are less skilled than back enders, but it is easier to start with front because the skills needed to start are less demanding. Back end programmers are the ones connecting your web site with the servers in the back, enabling them to process and do complex tasks like data base handling seen in public services or web stores. You will need to know all about mySQL and data bases in order to start here. Knowing the PHP language will also be very helpful if you plan on doing it for life, as those are the basic requirements for the business.

Design – last, but not least, if you are not into coding and have an eye for a pretty details, this could be just what you need. Design is a complex thing, including color theory and a lot of psychology, and there is a lot of little things you need to know and you can learn them on college or by simply observing, depending on your talent and skills. Design for web is a little different from classic design so if you are switching, there is a set of rules you will need to learn. You will be responsible for making the web page before it’s even started and choosing the right style and appearance for your web page.

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