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Posted by on Nov 26, 2015 in seo |

How to get listed on Google Maps?



Written by MRC SEO Consulting 

Google Maps are a list of My Business Dashboard of Google which is helpful in managing as

well as the track of the online presence through different platforms of Google. It includes all the

Google local maps, Google+, Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Google Maps are an

incredible way to get success, name and reputation for your website as well as business. If you

are willing to get listed on Google Maps, you are permitted to register the type of your business

in respective town or city along with the physical address of your business. If you are a big

known name, there might be a possible chance that you already exist on Google Maps because

you have a huge name. All you have to do is to claim it. But if you are not on Google Maps and

are willing to add your business on it, you can do it effortlessly. New businesses and locations

are added everyday and it can help your business in many ways. So if you want to get listed on

Google Maps, you need to follow a series of procedures:

1. Firstly, you need to go write My Business on Google search engine. This will eventually

provide you an option to get on Google maps. You just have to click on “Get on Google”.

2. Then you have to enter the name of your business along with the address in the search


3. Next, you have to select the option or add your business on the Map.

4. You can get the business listing and select the preferred match out of the suggested

matches that are provided to you. If you do not get suggestions, you can simply add your

business and provide the required information that is asked.

5. Near the end of the given form, you will be asked to select your preferred category that

descries your business in the best way. This is important because it is the way by which

Google classifies your business type. You can select the required category and you can

also add categories later to this list.

6. The next procedure is the verification process where Google verifies the location of your

business that is completed through a pin code that is delivered to you through postal card,

text message or automatic phone call.

7. Now you can confirm your business and this procedure will end up adding you to the list

of businesses that can be tracked or searched easily on Google Maps.

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